What I would like for every human being…..

When I was still very, very young, I spent many a night lying in bed thinking about how I would like life and the world to be. Of course it was only a dream, but nevertheless, even now at the ripe old age of 65, this dream has never changed.

What I wished was, that EVERY LIVING BEING in this world, would be HAPPY, and to see this realised, I was prepared to have to suffer myself if that would seem necessary. A childish ideal I know, but gratefully once we mature we recognise that happiness can never be achieved at the expense of unhappiness. A balance must always prevail.

Still, as the years passed, my urge to “protect mankind” evolved into an insatiable curiosity to understand the dynamics of happiness and life in general so that I could at least try to help those that were feeling lost and alone to find a way to relieve their sadness. Learning thus became an addiction from which I still suffer today.

Feeling sad that so many people just do not seem happy or healthy, my route has travelled through trying to help the depressed to see how beautiful and wonderful life really is, or the sick to understand how they can heal themselves by dumping chemical-laced junk food and embracing instead, a wholesome healthy diet. Along the way I learnt such a lot and also realised how we are all being poisoned in every way possible by Big Business, just for the sake of profit.

For my own sake and happiness (as after all I am also one of the living beings) I have learnt and applied how to best myself avoid being poisoned to death and it has slowly led me to a simple minimalist lifestyle in which I am happier and healthier than ever! And that is what I want to share with you on this blog.

In fact (and I will write about this in a later post), last year at age 64, without intention,  I was shocked to find myself slowly starting to look younger. At first I thought that I was imagining it, but after some acquaintances mentioned the same fact to me I had to ponder on, and analyse how and why this has happened.

So you see….we can turn our lives around at any age. All it takes is waking up to the fact that all the toxins we carry within ourselves cause us toxic thoughts (depression and other mental conditions) and toxic health conditions. I am convinced that even the much dreaded cancer in most cases can be cured quickly and relatively easy by a radical elimination of toxins both inside and outside our bodies.

Here at home, in the outback of wild and wonderful Portugal, I have a mountain of articles which I have written in the last few years as I questioned and discovered life. Being of no use to anyone gathering dust in the attic, I decided to somehow share my thoughts (on toxins, greed and cunning advertising) with the world, so that together we can try to grow wise on how to thrive and survive this greed and hidden manipulation which surrounds us.

So everyone….here I am….thanks to technology and WordPress! Perhaps in this way I can realise my childhood dream even if only for one other human being!

After all, we are all “one”, so helping “one” other is helping “all” as well as oneself!!!


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